Choosing the right Bayern wedding photographer for your big day might be quite complicated and not because you do not have enough Bayern photographers to choose from, but because you might have too many options.

Not wanting to add any extra pressure to the one you might already be feeling as you start to plan your wedding day, but the photographer plays one of the most important roles at the party.

The wedding photographer is there to guide you and be your shadow for the full day, making sure that once the day is over, you will have many beautiful memories to last for a lifetime.

I’m not saying this because I am a wedding photographer myself (or maybe I am :-)) ), but next to the venue and the music, the photographer should be one of the first things you book, once you decide on the date.

The photographer should be one of the first things you book, once you decide on the date

So, how do you choose the best Bayern photographer for you? Here are a few tips that I put together after many years of experience in this area:

1. Browse through several photographers’ galleries

You might think you found The One after you take a look at the first photographer’s site. And that could be true – I’m a big fan of love at first sight.

Still, even if you really like the first wedding photos that you see, take a look at a few others to make sure that the style of the photos suits your style and that the quality is as good as you would want it to be.
Take a look at the editing style also and maybe ask for a few extra photos as samples, next to their favorite ones shown on the website

2. Make sure your personality matches theirs

As I said, your wedding photographer will be very close to you and your loved ones all through your wedding day, so you want to check whether their personality fits yours.

If you have a funny gang, a very serious wedding photographer will not be the one for you, or the other way around – if you have a more conservative style, you might not want to have someone that tells jokes and laughs all day.

Next to this, keep in mind that in order for your wedding photos to be as natural and authentic as possible, you need to feel very comfortable around your photographer and both your personalities have a great role in this.

3. Check whether their services fit your budget

You might be surprised by how big the differences can be between one photographer’s prices and another’s. This comes from many aspects, sometimes it’s due to the vast experience they have, other times it’s about the tools they use, the hours they’ll spend at the wedding and many more.

Ask for detailed pricing, in case it is not shown on their website, and compare everything that a package contains to a similar package to avoid comparing pairs with apples – a photographer with one or two years of experience most probably won’t charge as much as one with 5 or 6 years on the job, and it might be that the quality differs quite a lot as well.

4. Ask/search for testimonials

Sometimes a simple Google search might save you from booking the wrong wedding photographer. Of course all wedding photographers are showing the best testimonials they got on their websites and that’s ok.

Take a look on the internet to see if anyone might have something else to say, see if you know any of their past clients that you could maybe talk directly with and ask for an honest opinion on the experience they had.

I’m not telling you not to trust wedding photographers, just to double check and be on the safe side 🙂

5. Ask for a call/meeting

When you know you found the right person for you, you just know, that can happen sometimes, and it’s amazing.

Sometimes, though, you need to take the next step and meet your potential Bayern wedding photographer whether in a virtual meeting or in person, to see if you click.

Most photographers offer a free discovery call and some (me included), also offer a free before the wedding photo session, to make sure we are comfortable together and all set for the big day.

I hope these 5 tips will make your life a little easier when it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer for you, whether that’s me (fingers crossed it is) or one of my many talented photographer colleagues in the Bayern area.

If you think it might be me, just drop me a message! I’d love to be part of your special day!

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